We believe we win only when you win. Our by-invite only and direct-to-client model offers –

A unique performance-based fee structure that aligns your profits to our revenues

Low costs (zero  set-up fees, entry or exit charges and zero lock-in period)

A dedicated relationship manager.

Option 1

Performance based Fee

  • Fee Structure: 0.25% - 6.5% - 20%.
  • Fixed annual charges: 0.25%.
  • For incremental returns > 6.5% p.a.
  • A charge of 20% of profits

Unique and flexible
fee structure

Low Cost Price

Option 2

Fixed Management Fee

  • Zero profit share. Charges lower than most PMS / equity mutual funds.
  • Fixed management fees of 1.99% per annum, computed on daily average of assets

No set-up Fee

No entry charge

No exit charge

No lock-In period

Our dedicated relationship managers ensure that you are attended to every time you need any support. They also proactively handhold you through difficult market conditions, build sustainable wealth and nurture a long-lasting relationship.

For those of you who are savvy and want to monitor how your wealth is performing, we have tech-enabled platform that lets you access your account 24X7X365. You can log-in anytime, watch your wealth’s performance, download statements, calculate costs and tax all by yourself! Needless to say the Millionaire Manager will be at your service even as you have complete control.

What more?

We ensure that we have as much of our skin in the game, as you do. Our company and its directors have their entire financial net-worth invested in the 'All-Star Portfolio’.